Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Play (Christmas Related Fun)

I love being a stay-at-home mom and feel so blessed to do so. I also love taking pictures of all the things we are doing. In the past, I had been adding my play time pictures to my weekly Tot School post but decided this would be a new and fun way to post them.

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We Play

Light up Globe

I got this globe as a Christmas gift several years ago and recently I took it out to start introducing the concept of our world to J. He loves seeing it light up (which I like too). Then we were turning it and it made a creaking noise. J said, "Mommy, it's crying! I'll give it blankie." So he put his blankie on it to "make it feel better". So funny.

Little People Nativity Set

J is having a great time playing with his Little People nativity set. I've caught him a few times making up little stories and one of them I recorded in my Tiny Talk post.

Marbles Dumping & Sorting

J asked for the marbles one day. He likes to pour them out of the jar into the container and then put them back into the jar one by one. He did this a couple times.

Daddy Time

Daddy was allowing me a little free time by playing with J one night. For some reason, he wanted to set up a little bed on the floor. He said, "Daddy lay on the floor with me." I got this cute picture.

Crawling Around Like a Baby

After making gingerbread houses at my church mom's group, I helped with the clean up while J played. One of the mom's little ones came crawling up to J a few times so he decided to "play baby" with him and crawled around after him.

Santa Hat Fun

J had fun wearing daddy's Santa hat around the house this week. You can tell it is a little big. He also got a little attached to it and didn't want to take it off while he was napping. I allowed it a couple of times until the one time I heard him cry out on the monitor. He was screaming, "No don't do that!" so I ran in to find him sitting up in his crib with the Santa hat over his face and he was actually still asleep. I took off the hat and he hasn't tried to wear it since.

Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Fun

Here are some pictures of J having great fun with gingerbread cookies. In the first pictures, J had a ball playing with the gingerbread cookie cutters. I love the picture with one eye closed, and then the one with his arms overlapping. He did a little decorating and then the next day I got pictures of him eating them while making quite a mess of himself. He asked me to wash his hands probably 3 times, and each time when I thought he was done he started mushing the icing around again. He must have really liked how it felt.

Home Made Tambourine

This was a great idea I got from another mommy's blog called Shining Our Lights. I saw her homemade tambourines and it reminded me that J had really enjoyed playing with a tambourine at a play group we were at. He liked it so much he didn't want to give it up when it was time to go. Funny thing was, he was very excited about helping me make this by choosing which stickers to put on and where he wanted them to go, but once it was done he didn't play with it right away. Once I told him we'd sing if he'd play, he asked us to sing Jingle Bells and Where is Thumbkin and he kept the beat for it while we all sang.

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Maureen said...

That is too cute that he played "baby"! Those Fisher Price sets are so great. We have a Christmas village one and Thanksgiving one. I have been trying to decide if I should just save them for once a year or not. Do you put yours away for the rest of the year?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The tambourine looks like such fun! I love all you did.

Marita said...

Snap, we have that globe and nativity set :) They are lots of fun. My 7yo uses the globe as a nightlight on the nights she has bad dreams.

Tracey M. said...

Maureen: We just got the nativity this Christmas, but I have a feeling it will be staying out a while after! He loves playing with it that much.

Pip said...

looks like a fabby week of fun! Thanks for sharing. I love that nativity! i didn't realise they made a Nativity set!
the cookies look really lovely as well!
Have a fabbby christmas!


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