Friday, December 24, 2010

Daddy Time Friday

There is a fun, new blog hop I'm joining created by a fellow blogger and Tot School mom, Patricia. Come join in the fun over at My Tot Learning Time where we get to thank our hubbies and share a little of what daddy is doing with our kids each week.

Daddy's Time Friday

Daddy really helped me out one night when I needed to get some things done by playing with J. Although I didn't get pictures, they had a ball playing in the basement with J's new soccer ball. (We got the soccer ball after collecting a bunch of tokens from our favorite restaurant, Culvers.) Daddy made up a game of using the front loading washing machine as a basket. They took turns trying to throw the ball into the basket. J just loved it! I could hear his laughter all the way upstairs as I worked. Then after play time, J asked daddy to make a bed on the floor. So they got blankets and lay down together. So cute! I love seeing them play together. Thanks daddy!

Daddy got us all organized to go out and do some Christmas caroling. He went out and printed several Christmas songs and we went as a family with our friend Hans. Daddy called ahead to several friends to see who would be home and we made 4 stops. J did great. He made sure to find the books and toys at each house. Oh, and some candy too! We brought our home made tambourine to keep the beat and each of us wore a Christmas hat. It was so much fun.

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Aww, sounds like fun times! :)

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