Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast on the Farm

What a neat morning! We made a last minute decision last night to skip J's last swimming lesson and instead go to Dane County's Breakfast on the Farm. I think I was more excited about it than J was. I felt like a little kid, as this is something I would have dreamed of going to when I was young. I love living in Wisconsin where the country life is just minutes away from us. This was a huge event where they expected a turnout of close to 4000. J was insisting that we hold him so this got tiresome as we waited in lines for over half an hour. It was a full breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage and cheese. After that, we made our way to the ice cream. We visited the cow barn watching them hang out and eat. One of them let us pet it. J was constantly wanting to be held. For that long of a time, it's a little much. But anytime I put him down he'd just whine and cry following me around saying "uppy" with his arms raised. It was hard to resist so I held him. They had a bunch of farm equipment displays open to the kids. J said "ride the orange tractor mommy" so he sat there for a while holding the steering wheel pretending he was driving.

They also had a fire engine so we let him sit up in there too. I put this giant fire helmet on his head and he loved it.

We went through the petting zoo area and J saw his first llama. He was petting it and then hugging it. Before we left, we went to the giant tractor area and J sat up high in a green John Deere that he picked. He didn't want to come down either.

We came home and relaxed while J went down for his nap. Later in the afternoon, we stopped by the library. I found a neat Disney/Pixar Car's book that I got J for $1. He doesn't know much about the movie, he just likes that they're cars. Right away, he wanted to sit down and read it. We stopped at a card store and J got to see a fire engine and ambulance in action. J was so excited to watch but kept asking to go inside the truck. We found out a girl had fainted and that's why they were there. J did a lot of play on his own today. One of the things he enjoyed playing with was a new wooden train from his birthday that we just opened up. It has different colored blocks in various shapes that fit on pegs on the train and he played for a long time taking them off and putting them on in different ways.

I was getting his dinner for him and we were talking about our time at the farm and everything he saw.
J: "Mommy, I wanna see the llama again."
Me: "Yeah, you hugged the llama. Do you remember?"
J: "I wanna see the cows again."
Me: "Yeah, they were big cows."
J: "They were HUGE - huge cows."
We'd stop talking and he'd say "do again it" (meaning do it again) so I'd start reviewing everything we saw and did again. Kids are so funny that way how they just love repetition. I love these little talks.

Later on, we wanted to stop by the home of someone L met where he works (at a high school). He met a student, Kwaku (quay-koo) who came to the US from Ghana many years ago who just graduated. We thought we had the right address but no one was home. J by this time had learned his name and noticed we were heading home. He was saying "no home...I wanna see Kwaku." We wanted to see him too. After getting to bed too late the past two nights, I'm going to shoot for a good night's sleep so it's time to wrap up.

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