Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Having fun with J and loving adult conversations

This morning while J was playing he was asking for his nuk and blankie. I've tried to limit this for the past several months to just naps or "emergencies" but somehow I slacked off a bit and let him have it a few other times. I think that was a no-no because he's starting to want them more and more. I'm not hard core about it, but I do want to keep it more limited.

This morning our Titus mom's group had a park play date in Middleton, a neighboring town. It was a nice park with good things for both the smaller kids and bigger kids. There was the cutest little black puppy (a little fluff ball) that one of the mom's brought. I brought J over to see and I was more interested in petting it than he was! After playing a while J wanted to color so he grabbed his crayons and coloring book out of the diaper bag. He was coloring on a little bench and my friend Eileen saw and we both laughed. It was cute, her son came over and climbed up next to him. I gave him a crayon so he colored with J. After the park, Eileen and I took the kids for lunch at Panera Bread. For some reason, J doesn't like sandwiches but he ate the cheese and some of the bread. He had some of my pickle too (I went to take a bite and it was missing off my plate...and in J's mouth). Eileen and I had a really good conversation learning more about her faith. When we left, I took J over to see some construction action happening right near the restaurant. They are re-doing a road so they had all kinds of equipment like diggers, dump trucks, a bulldozer, etc. We , must have stood there watching for at least half an hour. It was so cool for him to see this up close after reading about it in so many books! Then, we stopped at the mall where they have gelato "ice cream". I had a hankering. They also have a little play area there so J ran around for a while. He'd come over and pull me by the hand so I would play with him. It was a full day!

J took a nice nap and was up well before dinner time. I think this really makes a difference. He actually seemed to enjoy dinner and of course, we did too! Later, we took a walk in our neighborhood and decided to stop by friend Joan's which is on the way to the park. J was upset saying "park, park" and I don't think understood the idea was to go there later. J got into playing with Joan's daughter right away. My husband got to meet Joan and her husband. J and Joan's daughter were dancing, then they both had music toys going at the same time, then J was chasing after her wanting to play with her kids computer. At first, he was upset but the more he chased her, the more he was laughing. We ended up staying there so long it was too close to dark to play at the park. Since we came unannounced, we thought we'd just stop in but they were very welcoming and we got to talk for a while. More adult conversation, I love it. Before bed, something I thought was cute because he hadn't said it before was J saying "I have an itchy on my leg". Hope it wasn't a mosquito bite.


tea said...

My son would have loved seeing all of those work trucks too. Whenever we drive down the road on of us is always yelling, "Tractor!" "Firetruck!" ..or any other kind of vehicle we see. He loves that stuff.

I love hearing the things your son is saying! This stage is so fun, so many new words and phrases!

It sounds like you have some good friends. :)

Tracey Monroe said...

I love how much our boys have in common! That sounds like our car rides too :)

I prayed and prayed for mom friendships to develop and God has been blessing me with those connections.

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