Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enjoying summertime

This morning our Titus group had a park play date. J is always wanting to take a few toys or books when we go places now and this morning it was a stack of blocks. We lost several on the way to the car. He kept dropping them as he was trying to bring way too many. It was a park which was fairly close by and nice and shady. I thought J had been asking for "uppy" a lot lately, but it was really apparent at the park. He'd go play for a bit then run to me and say "uppy" so I'd pick him up until he was ready to run off again. He did that over and over. Maybe another phase he's in wanting to be held a lot. He and his friend Jackson played on the fire engine and airplane together.

After the park, we went with Eileen and Jackson to the splash park. This is the water park in Middleton, WI. We had a little picnic lunch and then took the kids in the water. It was refreshing since it was hot out, but the water was super cold. On our walk back to the cars, I was noticing Eileen and I have the opposite problem. J is the pokey little puppy while Jackson is like speedy gonzalez. So Eileen's always chasing, and I'm always waiting. We had fun park-hopping.

Within minutes, J was asleep in the car so I gently carried him up when we got home. While he took a nice long nap, I got into a cleaning/organizing frenzy. I was really in the mood to clean and when I'm like that I have to take advantage of it! I moved around these different areas in the house straightening, weeding through and tossing things and wiping things down. I love the great feeling afterward when I come to those same areas and there's no clutter, just clean. It's so gratifying.

I didn't have to cook tonight as L suggested we go downtown to State Street. I was game. We went to Chipotle which seems to be the place we always go when we're down there. J was in a really excited mood. The music was loud and there was a table full of kids behind us and he kept squealing when they'd squeal or laugh and he was dancing in his seat. You had to be there, but the cutest thing was when daddy came back to the table and stood there dancing and waving his arms and then J was smiling up at him and trying to do the same dance. It was way cute. After that, we took a walk down to the Terrace and the lake and on the way stopped to watch a street musician play the flute and some people juggling. They had music at the Terrace so we brought J up to the stage and he loved watching the girl playing guitar and the guy playing bass. As we walked back to the car, he kept talking about the guitar and the bass. I think he should sleep well tonight. I love that we were able to spend so much time outside today.

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