Friday, June 25, 2010

Had a blast swimming

This morning our summer toddler time at the library began. The topic today was the beach. They had a lot of fun books about going to and being at the beach and J had partial interest in listening. He seemed to like following along with the songs and did more than he has in the past like stomping his feet, clapping his hands. There was a mom that I knew from Titus that was there and sat next to us. We also did a craft that was making a sand castle out of construction paper. After the library, we headed to the Y for my 3rd workout of the week. J was asking for ballet and stopped at the ballet room. (After I pick him up from the nursery, we always watch the ballet class while waiting for daddy to be done.) There was no ballet so we continued on to the nursery. It was a good workout.

We ate lunch then J played for a bit. He put on his fire helmet then got out every fire truck he has and lined them all up end to end. Then he drove them around one by one singing and talking about the fire engine. After lunch, we ran some errands; stopping by Walgreens then Toys R Us. J was very tired and started to cry and whine. We were getting a gift for my nephew and decided on these little talking Tonka trucks. There was no way I could hide them in the cart and keep them away from J (especially with his mood). He ended up playing with them the rest of the time and was completely content. It might be hard though when he sees Henry getting them for his birthday.

Tonight I found out the Y was having member appreciation so we went there for hot dogs and chips. Daddy worked out while I stayed with J. He played in their park for a while and then we went to the Family Swim. I could not believe how much fun J had. He didn't balk at all being in the water and right away starts splashing up a storm. It turned into a big splash fest with both of us laughing. Then I held him and walked up and down the pool while he was on his tummy and he paddled with his hands and kicked his feet like real swimming. This was so exciting. J had all this energy when we got home so I let him play for a while before we put him to bed. We're heading down to the Chicago suburbs tomorrow for my nephew's birthday and staying overnight so I won't be posting for a couple days.


tea said...

WOw, sounds like your son did GREAT in the water!! Yay! Aren't those costomer appreciation things nice? Our movie rental place did that last year and it was fun. Hope you had a nice trip to your nephews birthday! :)

Tracey Monroe said...

Yes, it was so great that he loved the water. They're having another event July 9th, an ice cream social. It's great. Enjoyed Chicago a lot, will write about it next.

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