Sunday, June 20, 2010

Found out I can still golf

As we've continued on "vacation" it's been hard to keep track of the days. I'm so used to L being at work that when he's home it always feels like the weekend. Our sitter Dave came over to babysit/house sit. J was down for a nap while we were going golfing! Wow, it's been probably close to 3 years since I've played a game of golf. Since L and I married in 2002 we'd been going several times over the summer but being pregnant and then my rough 18 months after golf was on the way back burner. We went with a friend from L's work (Barb) and her boyfriend's son who is 13 and played only a couple times. This helped me to feel more comfortable, having someone who is learning. I realized I am better than I thought. I had a few holes that were really bad (stopped keeping track of my score) but some that went well. I forgot how wonderful it is to be out in the fresh air getting a little exercise and outdoor enjoyment.

We invited Dave out to lunch but he passed, so we went to a late afternoon lunch with J to Culver's and then stopped at the library. J went pretty much straight to the train set. I got some good books on shapes, colors and ABC's. I don't remember exactly when he said it but today was the first time J said "I love you mommy". Oh, does that make my heart melt. It was so special!

We heard about Jazz Fest at Lake Wingra which is nearby so we headed out there a little after 7:30 only to find it was over. Instead, we headed downtown to the Terrace to enjoy the evening.

Some of the highlights were:
Watching the "sax man", a State Street musician playing the saxophone who we stopped and listened to for a bit;

Running into an old friend from church and J playing with his 8 year old son around a water sculpture.

Watching J make his own performance debut on State Street by dancing to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire played by David, another State Street musician. Several people came up to watch him and really got a kick out of him. Someone even took a picture. Here's a link to the video.

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