Friday, June 11, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
Today was the first time we did Tot School. I talked about it in an earlier post (click here). This is something I'll be doing with J probably once or twice a week. We do learning activities already since I play with him a lot, but I thought a couple times a week I'll prepare something and take pictures for the blog.

We got a peg board with different colored shapes on it and he can put the shapes onto the board. It also comes with a lace for stringing the shapes together. Our first activity was practicing stringing the shapes onto the lace one color at a time. (I didn't get a picture of this.) J was really good about picking the right color that I asked him to, but it was harder to get the shape onto the string lace. He would get really close and it would bend, and then he'd get frustrated and want my help. I often would "thread" it through the hole and then have him pull it through onto the lace.

After that, I asked J to place the shapes onto the peg board one at a time by color. It was interesting that he placed almost all the same colors with each other on the board as well.


Beth in NC said...

That IS interesting that he grouped the colors.

What a good Mommy!

tea said...


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