Friday, June 4, 2010

What a gift it is to be well

I continued in Luke 12 today. I've been taking a few moments to pray before I get into my study time. Today the thought popped into my mind how much the Lord enjoys it when I spend time with him. He loves for me to turn my attention to him. It was such an encouraging thought. Jesus continues in his instruction. He starts with watchfulness, saying to keep your lamps burning. No one knows the hour at which the master will come. Who is the faithful and wise manager, he says. It's all about being ready for Christ's return. Just like we keep a light on for someone not yet home an night. But Beth says it's not just about watchful waiting; it's also being involved in the Lord's work now. His words are very strong and harsh for those who don't.

I also read half of the next chapter in our Ecclesiastes book. In this book of the bible, as you read we are evaluating how we live our life. The man who fears God will avoid living in extremes (self indulgent, self righteous, wicked). The author says not to live in a spiritual cocoon avoiding the world, but to not give oneself over to it in reckless abandon. Like 1John 2:15 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. I liked something he said. When faced with someone's fallenness, do not get upset. Just remember that in your own heart you have done the same thing many times. This for sure is hard to remember in the heat of the moment. Yet I find it is very true and something to remember.

This afternoon, I had a follow up appointment with my psychiatrist. This was someone I started seeing during the time of my depression. I see her now about once every 3 months since she just wants to check in and see that all is well. It was great to be able to share what a gift it is to be well, especially since she saw me in the dark times. I don't think I knew how precious good health is until I went through something where it was threatened and taken away for a time. Before, I took for granted being well (spiritually and mentally). I had never been depressed and knocked flat in my life before. Now, I see how each day is such a gift as God has brought back joy and fulfillment in my life. I added a picture today of my climbing vine (clematis) and tiny hanging plants. Just seeing them in bloom reminds me of the life God gives.

We made a stop at the library and J made a friend again. This girl was older and definitely acted like an older sister trying to show J how to use the computer and trying to get him to follow her to the different toys. After that we played in the sandbox. I snuck my book in there since I couldn't wait to start it. It's called Honestly by Sheila Walsh. She is a Christian singer who was also on the 700 Club on TV. I'm not a 700 Club fan but her story really appealed to me. It's about a woman who had everything going for her but had deep inner turmoil that took her on a journey from hopelessness to ultimately deepened faith and joy.

During J's nap after I got some things done, I watched more of the Faith Like Potatoes movie. I ended up crying several times. It's a movie based on a true story. I finally finished it after dinner and thought it was good. J really liked the dinner I made tonight (click here for the simple recipe). He kept saying "this is really good" and I have to say it's great to hear your son compliment your food! It was the opposite of what happened at dinner last night. We do notice that he's getting more adamant about what he wants. It's showing up in more ways. Part of being a 2-year-old I'm sure. Tonight was daddy's night to put J to bed, but I heard him crying for me so I went in and he kept saying "mommy do it" so I took it from there. He was off and on crying about who knows what so I just kept singing to him and making up goofy songs. He finally liked my song to the tune of wheels on the bus, "Buca on the bus goes round and round" (Buca's our cat) and calmed down.

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tea said...

I love the way you shared how each day is a gift. That is so true. Your flowers are pretty! :)

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