Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The last couple days...lots of play and a new train

J woke up and started playing with his Elmo and Big Bird cars. He had one in each hand and was "driving" them around on the chair.
Here's a snippet of what he was saying while he pushed them:
Elmo go to the Y (YMCA)...Big Bird go to the Y.
Elmo go to Elvers Park...Big Bird go to Elvers Park.
Elmo go to Pal Zone...Big Bird go to Pal Zone.
Elmo go home..Big Bird go home.
(My favorite) Elmo take a sleep...Big Bird take a sleep (turns them upside down on the chair).
These are all places that we go to and it was so cute that he incorporated it into his play time. He's getting more creative like that lately.

I continued in Luke 22 today. The reading was of the Last Supper. Beth (in Jesus, the One and Only) shares that by Jesus' words in Luke 22:15 (I have eagerly desired to share this Passover with you before I suffered), we can see Jesus considered this to be enormously profound. He celebrated this Passover with those closest to him. With the first cup of wine he offered a prayer of sanctification. He introduced the new covenant. "I will redeem you with an outstretched arm." From Exodus 6:6. He commanded them to remember him (and what he has done for us) every time we partake of the bread and the wine.

After dinner I got a baby wipe for J and for some reason he wanted to look at it so I showed him and for the first time I noticed little sheep on the cloth. He says, "What's that?" I said, "Looks like sheep." He says, "David's sheep." So he must have remembered the story of David he's heard from us and at church.

Tonight was our Y night. Before we were leaving J saw a box I had tried to hide that contained a new train for him. A friend from L's work gave it to us. He got really upset when he couldn't play with it and wanted to take it with us. Again it was a good workout. When I was done we watched daddy play basketball for a while. I like that we get done about an hour earlier than we used to. As soon as we got home, I got out J's new train and tried setting up the track. It is missing a piece but we were able to get the train moving at least partway down the track.

This ended up being a good catch up day. It was nice to just be at home and not have anything planned. We did groceries in the morning. I thought it would be fun to put J in the shopping cart with car attached. He liked it for a while but was saying all done but then he didn't make a deal of it. While J slept I did some house work, cleaning and laundry (domestic fun). It seemed that I had a dozen little things to do that added up to a lot. It was good to get them done.

I got to use my new dinosaur shape cutter for lunch today. I've been visiting this blog (Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler) and she has really creative meal ideas for her daughter. That's where I got the inspiration when I saw the shape cutter. It's not that elaborate, but J loved it. As you can see, he grabbed the dinosaur PB&J while I was still taking a picture!

Since J took a 3 hour morning nap we just played all afternoon. We got out the new train again and J enjoyed playing with it. When I looked over, he had figured out how to hook them together end to end. We haven't figured out the track yet though. He went through a lot of books. While he was reading one of them I heard him say, "bye bye fire truck, see you in the morning". We watched a cute sesame street video with Grover and songs about food. There was one really neat one with three little girls singing and clapping their hands while shouting out various vegetables. J really liked this one and asked to watch it over and over. He liked to repeat the veggie names after them. We spent some time in the sandbox too playing with his sand tower wheel toy (you put sand in the top and it filters down and spins the wheel). We both loved rushing to get the sand in so it wouldn't stop spinning. After dinner (which J ate at least some of) we stopped by the library and then for an ice cream treat.


tea said...

It sounds like a fun couple of days! Isn't it so fun watching your little guy pretend?! I love seeing our son do that!! The other day he got on his little tricycle/big wheel type thing (he calls it his motorcycle) and he said he was going to Nanny and Pappy's house. He kept telling me, bye bye and then he'd drive away. It was so cute.

I love that you did the dinosaur sandwiches! That is so fun. I visit Kelly's blog too and she is like a food artist on there, wow!

Tracey Monroe said...

I love that, bye bye! (and drives away). That is precious.

Yes..Kelly just blows me away!

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