Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A challenging time at play group

This morning (Tuesday) I had to run to Target to exchange the wrong-sized diapers so afterward I decided to take Julian to the library for some play time. The Sequoya Library has so much to do. Julian enjoyed coloring with crayons, having me read him a couple books, playing with a wooden shape sorter toy and just hanging out.

Julian had his Elmo pasta for lunch. He's definitely getting better at using a fork and spoon but he is still throwing food on the floor so we're working on that. After lunch I scooted off to get my mammogram while our friend Dave stayed with Julian. It didn't take very long so I was back within the hour. It was so bright and sunny so we had to get outside and take a walk in Julian's little car. He was jabbering the whole way and I got to have some nice prayer time while we were walking.

Later in my study time I was looking at 2 Samuel 1. Here David and his men find out the news that Saul and Jonathan have died and they grieve and mourn for them. David laments the deaths, especially Jonathan and reflects on the beauty of their relationship. During this time the question came to me, do I ever grieve like this over my own sin? I had this sense that the Lord was showing me part of the cleansing of forgiveness is to first reflect on my sin and "grieve" what's been lost, what was damaged, how was I or someone hurt and that the Lord wants to minister to me in that kind of reflection.

After putting Julian to bed we left Karen in charge and went to our life group. We ended up having a really good time of getting to know one another better. It was helpful to have an activity that included asking each other things we were curious about. We sang a couple worship songs while Cecile led us with guitar. We then shared our prayer requests and had a chance to pray together.

Julian and I went to our Pal Zone play group today (Wednesday). I don't remember a time at a play group with him that was this challenging. He was kind of a little troublemaker. He seemed to want whatever someone else was playing with and was very vocal about trying to get it, and sometimes by force. I had to referee several times yet the moms were really good about it. The worst was when he was on the slide and he lashed out at a girl he didn't want on the slide with him. That one brought a time out. It didn't help that one of the boys was somewhat violent and out of control and Julian kept trying to take what he had making the situation worse. We finally went in the other room to do a craft and get away from the toys. I found myself afterward feeling very defeated and at a loss for knowing just the right way to respond to Julian in those situations. I was able to pray about it and lay it at the Lord's feet seeking wisdom on how to make his behavior better.

Today I had time to do chapters 2 and 3 of 2 Samuel. This takes place before David is king over all Israel and those in Saul's line rule instead. David was looking for where to go so he went to the Lord. He was told to go to Hebron. Beth Moore shares how we can profit greatly from David's example of asking the Lord where he should go. He asks twice so he gets a more specific answer which is an encouragement for us to seek clarity from God when we are not sure. David was anointed king over the house of Judah. This is the beginning of him coming into his kingdom. Yet it seems David will have to take part of his kingdom by force. There was civil war as David and Saul's men fought one another. While David's men grew stronger and stronger, Saul's men grew weaker and weaker.

Julian's been doing well at dinner this week which is refreshing. For a while there we couldn't go a night without tantrums and struggle but this week is so different. We're still trying to break him of throwing things on the floor. It seems no matter what we do he just won't listen and learn that.

At the YMCA when I came to pick Julian up from the nursery, Meghan a worker there showed me a cute picture she had just taken. Julian was laying on his tummy on the floor and reading a book with another boy. Then it was time for Julian to go to bed and I let him pick one book for a bedtime story. He got a new little kid's chair today and I saw him try picking it up. He was wanting to bring his little chair upstairs with him.

Now it's time to wind down and have some time to myself before going to bed.

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