Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enjoyed a morning walk

After getting his Elmo present yesterday, we called my sister Amy to say thank you. Julian wanted the phone so I put him on and Amy turned on speaker phone. The kids were encouraging him and he was jabbering a bit and saying hi. He kept trying to show them things over the phone like a book or a toy. He doesn't know yet that they can't see him! Later Julian and I went for a wonderful walk around 9:30am just as the morning was warming up. Another day of bright sunshine and temps climbing into the 40's. Things are starting to thaw out.

Today my reading was in the last part of 2Samuel 6 and then 2Samuel 7. During the time of celebration David danced with all his might. Beth Moore says we may not fully "dance" before the Lord until we've had our "wailing turned to dancing" (Psalm 30:11). In other words, once we've cried out to the Lord in our dark night of the soul, he turns our despair into rejoicing. This really resonates with me just remembering how after 18 months of suffering from the darkest depression the Lord abruptly pulled me out of it. I had such deep rejoicing in my heart as the Lord set me free. Later when they were carrying the ark, Uzzah touched it and was instantly killed. Rather than seeing God as unduly harsh, says Beth, we can look at this and see God as completely holy. As we come to know him more, like David, we respect him and love him more. In chapter 7, God finally gives David rest from his enemies. God makes incredible promises to David: that his throne will be established forever, that his kingdom will endure and he will make his name great.

Later in the afternoon we spent some time at the library. Julian played with the trains and then spent some time in the little kids grocery store area. When we got home Julian wanted to hang outside for a bit and it was good timing as we had a visit from the neighbor's chocolate lab which Julian enjoyed. Lanty and I talked with his owner Jeremy for a bit and agreed it was nice to finally meet another neighbor.

Our big Saturday night outing was to the grocery store. Julian just loved it when I would go real fast with the cart and then jump on it. Good thing the store wasn't busy.

Time to wind down but I hope tomorrow is a little more exciting.

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tea said...

Those sound like great moments! I enjoyed hearing your thoughts about the scriptures you're reading too. :)

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