Thursday, March 11, 2010

Julian learns the color blue

I woke up with a pretty uncomfortable headache and stuffy nose. I found out later from a friend that what I described could be sinus related (with the weather being wet and rainy) instead of a cold. I took some Advil and thank goodness it went away pretty quick so I didn't have to change any plans.

I continued my new devotional book A Place of Quiet Rest. The first chapter was really good. In her introduction she (Nancy Lee DeMoss) draws from Mark where Jesus is continually being approached by people in need. Each time, rather than say he's too busy or let's do this later or somehow brush them off, he meets their need by surrendering himself and his time and devoting himself to them. She asks the question, "How did he do it?" The key she said to avoid becoming drained and ineffectual is that Jesus goes to a quite place to pray and spend time with his father every day. She then has you look at your own quiet time asking if is a time where you are cultivating a meaningful, intimate relationship with the Lord through study of the word, praise and prayer. She had different answers you could choose and this really had me closely examine myself. Overall I (hope) I am striving to grow in intimacy with God but must admit there are days when I'm going more on routine than really from the heart.

Julian and I had our play group at Titus. It is such a great feeling to now have several moms that I know and have made a connection with. There were at least five moms that I could hang out and chat with whereas before I was lucky if there was one. So it was really nice and actually an answer to prayer. Julian does really well too and enjoyed playing with cars, trains, Little People house and balls. I think he had the most fun discovering the tents today. They've always been there but today there was a new one, Thomas the Train, which he loves. He spent time going in and out of that one and then began exploring the others around the room (there were about four). What a great idea of something to bring to the big play area in the gym.

After lunch during play time, Julian pulled out the guitars. He gave one to me so that we could play them together which was fun. He has a hand held talking/singing toy that sings the ABCs and various nursery rhymes and he had fun with that. Then something cute was when he pulled out his red chair saying "chair" so he could sit. Then he said "blue chair" which was a different chair he wanted to sit in and he was pointing to it. I got it for him but I was so surprised that he learned a color. I'm not quite sure how but whenever we read Thomas I'm telling him that Thomas is blue and Percy is green. During finger painting I have him pick colors by pointing and I tell him what they are so maybe that's how he identified blue. Anyway, that is neat!

My women's bible study has been on break and started up again today. I'm so bummed I wasn't able to make it. My sitter has been out of town and I reached her today but she had a doctor's appointment. By then it was too late to call any backups so I'll have to wait until next week. We were going to study Ruth so I think I'll review it again on my own since it was such a good study.

Rio is not doing any better. Today she didn't come upstairs at all and spent the whole time in the basement. It's just not the same without her up and about. She's always where we are even if she's usually sleeping. I gave her water a few times and then offered her more soft food but this time she just smelled it but wouldn't eat. So she seems a bit worse today. We have the vet appointment tomorrow so we'll see what they have to say. I'm just praying she's not in any pain.

Tonight Julian and I watched ABC videos again on You Tube. He likes the Sesame Street ones the best. Later, Lanty was playing guitar so Julian and I were dancing a bit. He was uncooperative at dinner and kept asking for foods other than what we were having (meat loaf and green beans). He wouldn't even take a bite of it. He just ate cheese and had some milk. I offered it to him two other times after dinner was over and he wouldn't eat it. Still trying to learn creative ways of dealing with this.

Time to wrap things up and have a little time to relax and then take care of Rio one more time before I go to bed. (And can I say "time" one more time?!)

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