Monday, March 22, 2010

My little fireman...

This morning I felt a little grumbly in my heart. Not because of anything specific, just a general feeling that thankfully ended up going away. We went this morning to do our grocery shopping. We didn't have a chance to fit it in over the weekend. I wanted to leave our afternoon open in case our friend was coming over but it turned out she couldn't come.

Spending time with God today was nice. How wonderful that I can just come as I am, my junk and all, and he accepts me. He cleanses me as I lay these things at his feet. He pursues me and enjoys spending time with me. This was good to just think about for a while. Today's reading in 2Samuel 20-21:14 didn't go very deep for me. The battles continued as Sheba (a Benjamite) plans a rebellion against David and lures the men of Israel away to his side while the men of Judah stayed with David. David sends his men to overtake Sheba. Even though Joab is no longer commander, he gathers the men and leads them to the fight. He ends up killing (in a very graphic way) the new commander David appointed. Then he goes on to the battlefield where a wise woman of the town gave Sheba over to Joab (again in a graphic scene). There was a famine in the land and David sought the Lord in it.

After lunch, Julian and I took a walk to the park. It was a little cold with the wind, but otherwise a beautiful, sunny day. It was amazing, we had the park to ourselves for the entire half hour we were there. Again we spent most of our time on the jungle gym. Julian isn't really into the swings right now. We climbed up to the higher level where the slides are where I really have to watch him because there are a couple areas that open up leaving room for a fall. We did the slides a few times and then Julian ended up going down the slide on his own for the first time. He called me to go with him but then he was scooting forward on his own so I just let him go. I heard him squeal with delight on his way down. He does really well when there are no other kids. He gets nervous when there are too many kids around. I don't blame him.

He didn't sleep very long for his afternoon nap, maybe one hour. When I was putting him in his crib, he reached out and touched my face and said something really cute. We had this really nice moment, me just holding him and hugging and kissing him before I laid him down. It was sweet. When he got up, I was finishing some things online so he came over and wanted to see Elmo dancing. So I found Elmo on You Tube and then we watched Mickey Mouse. We even found Elmo and Mickey Mouse (in costume) dancing together. Tonight was our YMCA night, so we just had sandwiches and fruit. My workout felt harder today. I don't know why sometimes it feels harder than other times. I picked Julian up from the nursery and the staff asked me if someone in our family is a fireman. I told them no. They said he is so into the fireman/firetruck things and plays the part so well (like playing with fire station Little People and wearing a fire hat and playing the part of a fireman) so they thought maybe he had a relative who was a fireman or something. I think it must be the Elmo Firehouse video he watches.

After the YMCA, it was time to give Julian a bath and tuck him in for the night. After finishing up the last of the dishes, getting the coffee ready for tomorrow and doing the blog, I'm ready to get tucked in too.


tea said...

I love what you shared about coming to God just as you are and how he acepts you and wants to spend time with you. In the past I have known God's grace so much, but over the past few years I've struggled to really grasp it. Thank you for sharing that, I needed to be reminded of that truth today.

Your day with your little guy sounds really nice. My son loves fire trucks too - loves them! :)

Darlene said...

Yes, indeed, I agree with you both! Coming to God just as we are! Just checking in with you Tracey as your support and your words always encourage me at my ministry site.

I hold you up in prayer today.


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