Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Play date today

After daddy went to work today, Julian wanted to watch a little Elmo. This Elmo video I found is perfect for him, it has segments on dancing, books and music. It's fun to hear him make comments and point to things while he's watching.

Today's devotional time was in 2Samuel 10. This story had an unexpected twist. We get to see again what kind of man David is and the heart he has. He heard the king of the Ammonites died. He wanted to show kindness to the king's son Hanun just as his Father had showed kindness to him. So David sent a delegation to show sympathy for the king's death. Here David exhibits the character of God in his show of sympathy says Beth Moore. Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. Hanun's men mistrust David saying instead of kind intentions he sent his men as spies to which end they end up treating the men with disdain and humiliate them. What a turn of events! So David's heart is pierced and he becomes protective of his men by sending his army to fight and Hanun's men were struck down. He protected their dignity.

We had a lunch play date today with my friend Tina on the east side of Madison. It took Julian a while to settle in and feel comfortable. He wanted me holding him for a while. The kids would try to hold him and he'd squawk. He usually warms up after he's had some time to check out the scenery and become comfortable in a different place. It was rainy outside so after lunch we played in the basement. The kids played well together and I got to catch up with Tina a bit. Since she has 3 kids and a strong faith, she's been a great mom mentor for me especially now that Julian is testing the waters of his independence.

They sent us home with a little people's car since we have a gas station and little people, but no car. He got home and was playing with it right away, making driving sounds and rolling it around. Before he went down for his nap we read a Thomas the Train book. He pointed to the big blue train and said "Thomas" so I let him know it was not Thomas. I showed him that the small blue train was Thomas. He goes back to the big train and says "Gordon" which was right! Lanty and I have been telling him the names of the different trains and yet I really didn't think he would remember the name of the big blue train versus the small blue train. He proved me wrong!

Tonight we met in our small group so our babysitter Dave came over. Dave didn't even have his coat off before Julian was on his lap getting him to read Thomas and other books to him. I notice he's now saying "copter" when he sees the helicopter whereas up until now he would call it a plane so we'd correct him. In our group today we were discussing the sermon which was from Luke; Jesus eating with the tax collectors and sinners, challenging the social boundaries of the time. We had some good discussions sharing our own reflections and thoughts.

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