Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mommy caught the stomach bug

Well, last night I woke up at 1:30 in the morning totally nauseous. I wasn't able to keep anything down as I got up about 4 times throughout the night. It really hit me hard. My husband was willing to stay home if I needed him to help with Julian but I wasn't running a fever so I told him I could do it. It's been a hard day. I have been in and out of the bathroom a lot so that's been no fun. I'm also very low energy and have a general nauseous feeling all the time. Julian seems to be over his bug though, which is an answer to prayer. His was short-lived. He's had no problems keeping his food down today and had a great appetite. Also lots of energy for play (and energy for crying a lot). He just goes through weird periods where I don't know what sets him off but he cries or whines.

Today I read 2Samuel 14. There wasn't a ton of action today other than between David and Joab. David's commander Joab was wanting to see Absalom return so he sent a woman to speak to David having prepared her in advance with what to say. David ended up guessing that she was sent by Joab so Joab came and pleaded to David. He ended up relenting and allowed Absalom to return from being banished but David would not see him.

We got a little time outside but I had a hard time translating what Julian was wanting. Out of the blue, he started to cry and it seemed like he wanted to go inside. Then he was asking for his blue chair so I brought that outside and he was pointing towards the house and crying so we went back inside. I didn't have much energy to keep going back and forth trying to figure it out.

We didn't go to the YMCA tonight and I took the night off from cooking. Daddy was playing with Julian for a while. They had a game of tag with golf going on and then chase and tickle. I love hearing Julian laugh like crazy. It's so cute. Then he was stacking some blocks and pretending it was a rocket ship taking off. I've never seen him do that. He's getting creative. I read him a couple books like his Dr. Suess ABC book. Then right before bed he wanted me to read it again. I'm not feeling all that much better and don't want to give this to anyone so I'm canceling going to my mom's group and bible study. I really want to get some good sleep tonight so I think I'll wrap up here.

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