Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out of town for the weekend

We are going on one of our first family getaways (other than to see family). We were invited up to LaCrosse to see some friends. It should be a nice time. I'll take a short break and will post next on Monday.

Julian did a lot of crying today. A lot of it was around meals, like at breakfast. I can't even remember exactly why, but one thing was him wanting water when I was asking him to drink his milk. That set off some crying. We continue to pray for wisdom and patience in how to respond.

We went to play group today for Titus at Blackhawk. I am part of a smaller group in Titus and it was our group's turn to bring toys. It ended up being worth it to drag as many as I did with me. The kids used all of them throughout the play time. Julian was a little quieter and more subdued today. Usually, he's Mr. Social. I'm not really sure why but he still had fun. He really liked the big wheel that had all these buttons and sounds like different horns and music. He was content to not even move around but just press the buttons and "dance" which was basically wiggling around and waving his arms to the sounds. My friend and I had fun just watching. He had a little tantrum while we were doing a craft project. We were using glue on some different cut-outs and he wanted to take the whole box of cut-outs instead of taking just a few. He ended up squawking quite a bit when I put the box back.

It was a busy day as I got home and had enough time to feed Julian and then feed myself before our friend and sitter came so I could go to my bible study.We took a month and a half break while our host was on vacation and it was great to be back together. Today we went through our study of Esther. There were a couple things that stood out. One was how God can use one person to make a huge difference. It's easy to underestimate how God is using you in your life and the lives of others. It was good to take a look at how he's working through you at home, at work, at church, etc. Another lesson was how we are where we are for a reason and a purpose looking at Esther 4:14 And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this? For such a time as this represents that timing factor of how God places us where he wants to use us.

For some reason the big melt down of the day is happening around dinner time after Julian's afternoon nap. I finally figured out he was asking for cottage cheese and getting upset because I didn't understand. We were having spaghetti for dinner and he likes cottage cheese in that so I gave him a bowl but then he gets it in his head he wants to eat outside. At this point, I'm willing to try anything so we get coats on and go outside to the patio and he won't eat. Daddy comes home and finds us wondering what the heck we're doing so we went back inside and somehow he calmed down (I think it was when I brought out the grapes) and he ended up eating really well. Go figure!

Daddy was playing guitar and Julian was dancing. I got a neat little video of it. The night went really fast and before I knew it we were putting him to bed. I started collecting some of the things we'll need for the weekend but most packing I'll do tomorrow. I think now will be a good time to sign off for some wind-down time. Be back on Monday!

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